Report on the Global E-Health Forum – Hamburg 2011 in "Hospital & Healthcare Management"

Report on the Global E-Health Forum – Hamburg 2011

The November issue of "Hospital & Healthcare Management" magazine includes various articles (e.g. "Balancing Privacy Protection with Patient Care", "A World of Difference in Healthcare Data Exchange") connected to this year’s Global E-Health Forum. 

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E-Health as Key Enabler for Designing Personalized Healthcare

More than 200 delegates from 30 countries followed the invitation to this year’s Global E-Health Forum entitled “Designing Personalized Healthcare”. In presentations and workshops, speakers from Canada, China, Egypt, New Zealand, Russian Federation, U.S.A. and various European countries presented their strategies and best practices. Global thought leaders and stakeholders from all sectors of healthcare used this unique opportunity to exchange views and discuss solutions for ensuring a sustainable, patient-centric healthcare delivery. The considerable potential of personalized healthcare in this context was acknowledged by all conference delegates.

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Designing Personalized Healthcare

Improving the quality of healthcare, increasing the efficiency of the systems and ensuring patient empowerment - these are the common goals worldwide when discussing the necessary transformation of the systems in order to guarantee a sustainable healthcare delivery in the future. The Global E-Health Forum - Hamburg 2011 will represent all the major stakeholders involved in designing personalized healthcare.

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Letter of Endorsement by the Ambassador of Canada in Germany

In his letter of endorsement, Mr. Peter M. Boehm, Ambassador of Canada in Germany, states: “Developing successful eHealth solutions requires combining knowledge and technology in several key areas, including: enabling electronic communications infrastructure; providing remote communities in Canada with access to clinical and non-clinical health care professionals through the use of advanced information communications technologies; improving health information systems to support service delivery including virtual health libraries; and upholding the health privacy of patients through high standards of information management and exchange. Canada is proud to be the Partner Country at the Global E-Health Forum in Hamburg 2011.”

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Platinum Sponsor CompuGroup

We are very pleased that the CompuGroup Medical Deutschland GmbH has accepted a Platinum Sponsorship for the Global E-Health Forum - Hamburg 2011. With locations in 20 countries and customers in 34 countries worldwide, CompuGroup Medical is one of the leading e-health companies in the world.

"Software Assisted Medicine - The Third Pillar in Healthcare" is the title of the presentation Michael Franz, Vice President Communications & Marketing, CompuGroup Medical, will deliver at the Global E-Health Forum.

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Keynote by Dr. Eric M. Liederman Confirmed

Dr. Eric M. Liederman (Director of Medical Informatics, The Permanente Medical Group; U.S.A.) has confirmed his keynote at this year's Global E-Health Forum. In his presentation "Balancing Privacy Protection with Patient Care", he will discuss how to achieve a balance between protecting privacy and security, and fostering high quality patient care by presenting.

Learn how Kaiser Permanente's "trust, but hold accountable" approach using forensic mining of its Electronic Health Records audit databases, resulted in a > 90% reduction in privacy violations over several weeks. Learn how deterrence methods have also helped clinicians and staff avoid giving in to career-ending temptation.

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President of Canada Health Infoway to Deliver Keynote at GEHF 2011

The Global E-Health Forum is pleased to announce Richard C. Alvarez, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Health Infoway as one of the keynote speakers at this year's conference.

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