Letter of Endorsement

As the representative of the Government of Canada in Germany, I am pleased to endorse the Global E-Health Forum in Hamburg from 11. – 13. October 2011 (www.global-ehealth-forum.com).

We believe that prevention and health promotion can hold health care costs down and improve quality of life in the long term. To this end, Canada is committed to meeting the challenges of tomorrow by supporting research and fostering partnerships with researchers across the country and the world.

Developing successful eHealth solutions requires combining knowledge and technology in several key areas, including: enabling electronic communications infrastructure; providing remote communities in Canada with access to clinical and non-clinical health care professionals through the use of advanced information communications technologies; improving health information systems to support service delivery including virtual health libraries; and upholding the health privacy of patients through high standards of information management and exchange.

Canada is proud to be the Partner Country at the Global E-Health Forum in Hamburg 2011. “Transforming Healthcare in Canada through E-Health, the challenges facing the health system in Canada and the role of information and information technology within a reformed health system” will be a topic presented and discussed with international experts.

The Canadian Consulate in Düsseldorf, responsible for our coverage of the Health Care sector in Germany, is organizing the Canadian presence at the Forum. We look forward to an exciting exchange of ideas in the dynamic field of E-Health and wish all the participants at the Forum the greatest success.


Peter M. Boehm, the Ambassador of Canada in Germany